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Nov 12, 2011 8:03am

Linda Toigo’s “Annar and the Moose”: Baby Steps for a 3D Children’s Book

This pop-up children’s book looks delightful and smart: telling a story without text, purely visual, thus making 3D part of its narrative — emphasizing the verbs, or adverbs if you will. That their process is being thoughtfully documented doubles my pleasure:

The collaborative dynamic has been spotless: [Sebastiano] Longaretti’s drawings kept evolving following the needs of the book structure, and the design was moulding around the sketches I was sent. I started building the first miniatures of the structure I intended to use and to send the first specific requests to the illustrator: the narrative was growing with and for the book.

The character’s evolution is clear as you see the various iterations. And 3D in service to the story (as opposed to a gimmick, hello, Hollywood, you listening?) Thanks!

(via LindaToigo)

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